Press & School Show for Kids

Media on Imperial Knights

We offer a special performance for schools interested in bringing our performance troupe to school assembly events. Our “Tournament of Champion” programming features valuable lessons for children such as:

  • Freedom of choice
  • Chivalry
  • Using your mind
  • Fighting with swords but the most important weapon is your mind
  • Make the right choices (NO to drugs)
  • Leadership

If you’re interested in learning how to book a show for your school event

call or email us for more info


Sir Thomas and Sir James teaching children chivalry and medieval values
Imperial Knights helping students say NO to drugs
Modern Day Knights teaching children that they can be anything they want to be if they follow their dreams
Medieval knightly education includes leadership values

Performing at school assembly on importance of freedom of choice
Let’s learn about Honor, Chivalry, and Self-Worth!